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Cause of Havana Syndrome

January 1, 2019

A mysterious illness affecting some staff and their families at the US embassy in Havana has been in the news recently.  It has been called Havana Syndrome.  A similar ailment has affected a few US embassy staff in China.  Also, some staff at the Canadian embassy in Havana have been affected.

People first reported hearing strange sounds or noticing changes in air pressure.  They also reported experiencing dizziness, hearing loss, memory loss, and nausea.  The symptoms came and went.  Some of them were permanent.

The initial claim by the USA was that their people were under attack by an unknown means, possibly a sonic device or something emitting microwave radiation.

Doctors have identified the symptoms as similar to those of a mild concussion, but without any sign of a blow to the head.  Some people have said that it was a mass delusion.  It could also be a brain infection with a virus, a bacteria, or a fungus.  There is a great deal of speculation at this time.  No definite cause has been established.

I’m predicting that Havana Syndrome is not an attack.  Instead, it’s the result of a rare but well-known tropical disease.  Whatever it is, it takes some time to become established in the victim.  The symptoms are mild.  Some of them disappear.  It’s likely something that has been present before, but has not been noticed.


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