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Use for Glass Containers

December 29, 2018

My city says that glass containers should be recycled, as part of their residential recycling program.  That means that glass bottles and jars should be put into my blue bin.  I’ve been doing that.

The city requires that recycling companies collect everything in the blue bins, in spite of the market conditions.  Just now, there’s no market for used glass.  They only crush it and stockpile it.  This glass is a resource.  It’s silicon dioxide in an amorphous form, after all.  There must be a use for it.

The fracking companies use sand in large quantities.  There is a deposit of quartz sand in this province that was formerly used for glass making.  Now, it’s being used in fracking.  Quartz sand is just silicon dioxide, in a crystalline form.  Fracking companies inject this sand into shale formation to keep the joints open, so that oil and gas can flow through them.

Can they use crushed glass instead?  They, or the recycling companies, may need to clean it or sieve it.  That’s still minimal processing.  I assume that crushed glass would work as well as sand for fracking.

If it’s possible, all of the crushed glass could be used for fracking.  It’s certainly better than stockpiling it.


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