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The Saga of the Microwave Oven

June 13, 2020

I bought my first microwave oven in 1988.  I’ve used it every day since then.  I was a Panasonic 500 Watt model.  It still works, but has given me trouble every few years.  The main problem is the button used to open the door.  The first time it broke, I went down to an appliance repair shop to get a replacement button.  It worked fine for a few more years and then broke in the same place.  That time, I repaired the button with two-part super glue and a plastic brace.  This worked for a few more years, and then broke the same way.

By then, I didn’t bother getting another replacement part.  After all, it was the same as the original.  It would only break again the same way.  Instead, I learned to open the door by sticking my finger in the hole where the button used to be, and pressing the release lever with my finger.

I did that for many more years, but this year the beeper became almost silent.  It was time to get a new microwave oven.  I looked at what was available in the stores now.  There were no 500 Watt models.  They started at 700 Watts.  That’s what I’d have to get.  They all had the same features.  There was no choice there either.  About all I could do was to purchase the lowest price model.

My new microwave oven works almost the same as my old one used to.  About the only difference is that I can no longer key in the time and power settings in advance, so that I only needed to press the Start button when I was ready to cook something.  Instead, I had to wait until I was ready, and then key in everything.  I wonder how long it will be before something breaks.


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