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What is a Populist

February 17, 2019

There are two aspects to being a populist politician.  The first is a focus on the class division between the elite and the ordinary people.  There has to be a conspiracy by the elite class to deprive the ordinary people of their rights or of their money.  It’s usually done by misleading the ordinary people with false news.  The second aspect is taking the side of ordinary people, by being one of them or by representing them.

US President Donald Trump is a false populist on both counts.  If there is a conspiracy by the elite class, he became part of it.  He didn’t drain the swamp;  He waded into the swamp.  As well, he is not one of the ordinary people, and does not represent them.  All you have to do is to look at his wealth;  He can’t be an ordinary person because of that.  He can’t even represent them;  He has no idea how ordinary people live, or what they want.

Is there a conspiracy of the elite?  Conspiracies usually don’t exist, but it’s always possible that they do.  We will have to wait for the judgment of history to be sure of that.  Right now, it’s an open question.


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