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Journalism Student

October 2, 2016

Recently, I was having lunch at a local coffee shop, when a young woman approached me, and asked if she could sit at my table.  She explained that she was a student in journalism at a local college, and wanted to interview me.  I said “Certainly”, and told her that that sounded like a joke I knew.  She said “It does, doesn’t it”.  I didn’t tell her the joke, but here it is for your enjoyment:

This fellow was in a bar, sitting at a table by himself, when a young and attractive woman approached him.  She asked if she could sit at the table with him.  Of course, he agreed.  They chatted for a bit.  Then he said “Can I buy you a drink?”.  She said in a loud voice “A motel?”.  Then, he told her that he didn’t understand why she said that because he was only asking if he could buy her a drink.  In reply, she said, again in a loud voice, “You want to take me to a motel?”.  At that, he shrunk down and tried to hide in his chair.  She got up and walked away.

He noticed that this woman was sitting at another table near the back of the bar, and seemed to be writing something.  Then she reappeared at his table, saying “I hope I didn’t alarm you there.  You see, I’m a psychology student, and I’m studying how people react in unexpected situations.”.  He replied, in a loud voice “A hundred dollars?”.

Well, she didn’t do that, but she did explain that her assignment was to interview people about first loves and regrets.  I told her that that was quite a personal topic.  She agreed that it was.  She first took my full name and my age, entering it into her phone.  She told me that I didn’t look that old.  I suppose that’s a good way to flatter the person that you’re interviewing.  Then she talked with me, recording our conversation on her phone.  I told her about my first love, way back when we were just children.  I couldn’t recall her name.  I also explained that the only influence this girl had on me was to shape the type of woman that seemed most attractive to me.  I also spoke about regrets, mostly to say that I didn’t have any.  All of us make mistakes.  All of us would do things differently if we had the chance.  We generally don’t have that chance.  For me, those thing are in the past.  I may recall them, but I don’t dwell on them, I told her.  She finished the interview by taking my picture with real camera, not with here phone.

I had just been watching the movie The Master.  In that movie, we find out that one of the characters was longing for his first love, even though he had abandoned her years earlier.  He was caught in a situation of his own making, a situation that could not be resolved.  I don’t want to be like that.


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