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The Shopping Experience

May 15, 2016

I recently heard a news story on the radio, most likely as part of the business news.  It stated that the US-based Whole Foods grocery store chain was opening a new chain of stores called 365 by Whole Foods.  These new stores were to be focused on millennials.  Now, I don’t know any people of that generation, and only know what I have read about them.

The millennials are people in their 20s, the ones who are always connected to the world by their mobile phones.  They are environmentally conscious, willing to pay a premium price for products that are manufactured in an environmentally sensitive way.  According to many articles, all of which may be based on the same study, they favour experience, rather than ownership.  Of course, millennials are not all the same.  No doubt they have a range of sensibilities and a range of motivations.

One thing I don’t understand is how a shopping experience can be appealing.  Even if you prefer doing instead of owning, you still have to purchase something when you are shopping.  This is especially true of a grocery store.  We all have to eat, after all.  Maybe they will be making the experience fun, fun, fun.  It’s the experience after all.  These two articles point that out:

I can’t agree.  I see experience in a grocery store as another marketing scheme, and as an attempt to manipulate me.  I pick up what I need and get out of there as soon as possible.  I don’t even stop to taste the free samples that stores offer.  I’m resisting any experience that the stores provide.  Clearly, I won’t go to any store that offers even more experience.


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