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Dan’s Surprises

January 4, 2014

Dan is one of the people I used to work with.  From time to time he would tell us , with a great deal of mirth, about a trick that he played on someone.  Maybe IT people are interesting after all.  I recall two of Dan’s surprises.

Dan worked with the security system used by the campus library.  For testing, he had a magnetic strip of the type that they usually concealed within valuable books.  Once the system was all working, he had no more use for this magnetic strip.  He noticed, though, that the fellow in a nearby office made regular trips to the library, and when he did this he always put on a jacket that hung in his office.  So Dan waited until he was away, and put the magnetic strip under the collar of his jacket.

The next time this fellow went through the detectors at the library, alarm bells sounded.  He stopped and looked around to see what the matter was.  Library staff came running.  They checked all the books he was carrying but found nothing.  Finally they let him go.  This scene was repeated every time he paid a visit to the library.  After a while, the staff stopped running.  Every time the alarms sounded, they waved him through.  I suppose they just adjusted to this guy always setting off the alarms.

At this point, Dan again went into his office and removed the magnetic strip from his jacket.  When next this fellow went to the library, he fully expected to hear the alarms go off.  The staff expected that too.  Nothing happened except silence.  Of course, it continued that way for each visit he made to the library.  Something mysterious had happened and now it was no longer happening.  That was all anybody knew.  Dan knew better, of course.

Dan is also a woodworker.  When his boss went on vacation, Dan sprung into action.  He built a partition that fit nicely over the boss’s door, one that matched the wall.  Everybody was silent when the boss returned.  Everybody watched innocently when the boss looked for his office.  Nobody said a word.  Finally, the boss found another place to work and settled in there.  After some time, he went back to where his office door used to be and started tapping the wall.  It was hollow in places.  It moved when he pulled on it.  The game was up.  The partition was down.  Everybody had a good laugh, including the boss.  Dan never did that again.

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  1. Gede Prama permalink

    Thank you so much, I truly enjoy your blog and hope many more stop in to read. Again Congratulations. Gede Prama 🙂

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