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More Memories of my Mother

December 12, 2019

My parents were married for 76 years.  They received a letter from the queen on their 75th wedding anniversary.  My mother died in November.  My father died about a year earlier.  My mother found enjoyment in many different things throughout her full life.

Perhaps most of all, she enjoyed gardening, growing both flowers and vegetables.  Every time they moved, she started a new garden.  Her gardens were too random in my opinion, but I’m sure she liked them that way.  Inside the house, she had house plants on all the window sills.  I wouldn’t be able to care for so many plants, but it was no trouble for her.

She also liked reading.  She read mostly novels, all from the library.  I recall taking my mother on a tour of a local book store, the one where I often buy books.  She was impressed, but didn’t buy a book, saying that she got all of hers from the library.

She liked candy, although only in small quantities.  She told me recently about a visit to her dentist:  he told her that her teeth were in good condition, but she should stay away from candy.  She didn’t tell him that she’d been eating candy every day of her life, and wasn’t about to stop then.  Yes, she liked candy.

She also like ice cream.  Her father was part owner of a creamery.  She told me that when she was a little girl, she would go down to visit her father at the creamery.  His office was on the second floor.  After they had talked for a while, he would say “you deserve an ice cream cone”, and “go downstairs, tell them who you are, and they will make you an ice cream cone”.  Of course, they all knew who she was, but she announced it anyway.  They made her an ice cream cone, and she walked home eating ice cream.

She had a sewing machine, and liked making clothes for the entire family.  I recall that I once lamented that I would have to throw my winter coat away because the zipper was faulty.  This was after she had stopped sewing.  She told me to go to any tailor shop, and they would replace the zipper.  She was right.  I’ve done that several times.

My mother also liked pets, usually dogs.  She was thrilled one time when my father gave her a little puppy as a birthday gift.  It was the best gift ever.

She liked helping people in any way that she could.  She used to volunteer at the local hospital, back when hospitals had volunteers.  She also supported many charities that helped people or animals.  Her heart was certainly in the right place.

I’ll miss my mother.  She made a positive difference to my life, and to many other people’s lives as well.


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