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My Menu Strategy

August 27, 2017

People have gotten the wrong idea about what I like in restaurants.  It’s usually lunch that I eat in restaurants, although I only do this a few times a week.  I eat all of my breakfasts at home, early in the morning.  Lunch is my main meal of the day.  Most of the time, I eat supper at home.  It’s only occasionally that I eat supper at a restaurant.  In any case, supper is a small meal for me.

I do have a strategy for choosing an item from a restaurant menu.  It’s mostly negative.  I avoid deep-fried food, especially fried potatoes and chicken wings.  I do eat fried potatoes, because I like them, but I limit them to once a week whenever I can.

I also avoid bacon, especially side bacon, and I avoid cheese.  Both of them contain too much fat for my liking.  Of course, restaurants put bacon and cheese on almost everything these days, to improve the flavour.  There’s not much left on the menu.

I also avoid overly sweet dishes.  These are usually desserts and are easy to avoid.  Sometimes they are french toast or waffles buried in powered sugar and whipped cream.  I avoid them too.

Finally, I look for a portion size that’s small enough that I can eat in one sitting.  I want to eat it all, but I don’t want to stuff myself or to take some home.  This part of my strategy is difficult because restaurants don’t specify the portion size on the menu.  Some do have sections for senior’s meals or lighter dishes.  Otherwise, I can only judge by the price, even though it’s not a good indication of portion size.

If at that point, there’s nothing left on the menu that I can eat, I compromise on one or two points, and scan the menu again.  What’s left?  It’s usually soups, salads, and a few sandwiches.  I don’t consider soup or salad to be a complete meal.  Sandwiches usually come with fried potatoes, something I avoid, but they usually offer a small soup or side salad as a substitute.  Sometimes they have a burger without bacon and cheese.  That’s often my only choice.  That’s where people get the impression that I like burgers, where it’s really the result of a processs of elimination.  I don’t generally chose what I like.  Instead, I avoid most of the dishes, choosing one that’s the least objectionable and that still appeals to me.


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