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My Next Car Will Not Be Electric

July 30, 2017

Electric cars seem to be in the news every day.  Some car companies are focusing on them now.  Of course, they are anticipating the market.  Several countries recently announced that they will be banning gasoline or diesel cars sometime in the future.  The trend seems to be towards more electric cars and towards more public charging stations.

Should I switch now?  I’ll be ready for a new car in three to five years.  What’s it going to be, gas or electric?  Most of my driving is short trips around the city.  That’s ideal for an electric car.  I do also make the occasional highway trip.  I’d have to rely on public charging stations for that.  Still, an electric car seems attractive for my next car.

I will need my own charging station for my usual driving.  Installing it in my garage would be most convenient.  That way, I could charge the car’s batteries overnight while it was parked in the garage.  The home charging stations take 50 amps of current at 240 volts, much more than my car’s block heater takes now.  Yikes!  I’d have to put a sub-panel in my garage, with a new underground cable to the house.  I might even have to upgrade the electrical service to my house.  It’s only 100 amps now.  That’s the usual service now, unless the house has an electric furnace.  Then, it’s 200 amps.  This is getting complicated.

One of the advantages of a home charging station is that you can get a lower electrical rate during off-hours.  I’ve never heard of that in this province.  My electrical meter only records KWH, without regard for time of day.  It would certainly have to be replaced.  I suspect that the power company in this area could not even accomodate large numbers of electric cars with home charging stations.  They’ll have to make changes too.  Then, there’s the matter of taxes.  They’ll have to be shifted from gasoline to electricity.  Rates will go up, no doubt.

I get the impression that will be easy to buy an electric car, but difficult to run one.  I don’t want two cars; I only want one, one for all of my driving.  It’s going to be gasoline this time around.  Maybe next time it will be electric.


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