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Oil Change Adventure

June 18, 2017

Early last month, the oil change light came on in my car.  It told me that the engine oil had reached 15% of its life.  My car needed an oil and filter replacement, and a tire rotation.  It was a routine service, nothing urgent.  When this had happened before, I called the dealer’s service department, and they set up an appointment for the service.

They had been urging me to do it myself through a web application.  I decided to try this instead.  It was easy to find the  correct web page.  It showed a calendar with a series of time slots.  It told me that the next available appointment was a 8:00 am on 22 May.  That was a good day, even though it was several weeks away, but way too early for me.  Some of the time slots were full, but I found one that was not, and was at a convenient time for me.  I chose 9:30 am on that same day.  Almost immediately after I’d set up the appointment, I got an e-mail message that confirmed my service appointment.  I was quite pleased with what I’d done on their web site.

Soon after that, however, I got a phone message from the service department.  It started out by thanking me for booking an appointment with them.  Then it told me that I’d booked an appointment for the Victoria day holiday, and that they were closed that day.  The message invited me to call them to reschedule my service appointment.  It was pretty stupid for the web site to allow me to book an appointment on a day when they were closed.  After all, they were closed on Sundays too and the web site didn’t offer me an appointment on Sunday.

I didn’t phone them, but used the web site again.  I cancelled my appointment for 22 May, and booked one for the same time on the next day.  Again, I got a confirmation almost immediately.  This time, I didn’t get a phone call from the service department.  When I arrived on that day, they were expecting me.  The service went ahead nicely.  I was quite pleased with the work they did.  Still, I thought it was pretty stupid for the web site to let me book an appointment on a day when they were closed.  I wonder how many other people they had to call with the bad news.


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