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What The Walker Saw

April 9, 2017

If you are looking for “What the butler saw”, you’ve come to the wrong place.  This article is about what I saw when I went on my second walk of the spring.  It was a beautiful day.  Most of the snow had melted.  It was warm.  The wind was calm.  Blue skies and sunshine invited me to get outside.

Unlike last week, the sidewalks were mostly clear and mostly dry.  Ice and snow were gone.  Puddles were gone too.  I was carefree in my walk.  I had time to look around.

I saw piles of gravel on the boulevard, left behind by snowplows clearing the streets.  Here and there, I saw chunks of concrete.  These must have come from curbs torn up by snowplows, but I didn’t notice any damage to curbs.  There must be some, though.  The chunks of concrete must have come from someplace.

I assume that the city will clean up the gravel piles and chunks of concrete on the boulevard.  They’ll do it as part of their spring cleanup of city streets.  The snowplow contractors will be responsible for any damage to curbs; they’ll eventually be repairing the damage.

I did see one place where the sidewalk plow missed the sidewalk and plowed through a lawn instead.  Now that the snow has melted, the sidewalk is covered with sod and still wet.  I don’t know what the city will do to correct that mistake.  They only missed one small piece of sidewalk, though.  Most of the sidewalks were nicely done.

Still, it was a pleasant walk.  I went further than I had intended.  By and large, the city and the contractors did a good job of snow clearing.  Even though I noticed a few faults, I’d still like to congratulate them on their efforts this winter.


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