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Spring Weather

April 2, 2017

It’s the last week of March.  The weather is warm.  In fact, temperatures are above normal.  My back and front lawns are very wet and muddy.  They are still pressed flat by the winter’s snow.  Birds are hopping on the bare trees.  I see chickadees and juncos.  Geese are in the air.  Flocks of crows are gathering.

The snow piles are greatly reduced, but still persisting in my yards.  I wanted to spread them out, but I couldn’t.  They were frozen solid.  I could feel the shock when I tried to plunge my shovel into them.  It looked like a beautiful day for a walk.  The warm air and blue skies were inviting.

I went on my usual route, turning around part way.  I wanted to go on, but I knew I was not ready for that.  I need to work up to it gradually.  At first, I wondered how the sidewalks were.  Last time I tried a walk, they were very slippery.  In some places they were treacherous.  I had to be really careful where I put my feet.

I couldn’t cross the boulevard to the sidewalk right in front of my house;  there was a high ridge of snow and ice on the boulevard.  I had to walk on the road until I came to the first driveway.

Finally I saw it.  The sidewalk was clear of snow and ice.  There were large puddles of water in places.  Some I walked through carefully, trying to keep my feet dry.  In a few places, I made a detour around a puddle by walking on the road.  Still, it was a pleasant walk.  The snow and ice was all gone from the sidewalk.  I was free at last from the slippery surface.  That was my first carefree walk of the year.  I expect to do it again soon, and gradually extend my walk as the spring progresses.


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