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Medical Marijuana Predictions

March 5, 2017

The life of predictions has three phases.  First, they’re published.  Second, they’re shown to be wrong.  Third, they’re forgotten.  They are usually wrong because of something unforseen in the original prediction.  Nevertheless, I’m making some predictions about Medical Marijuana.

Three different groups of people depend on this market.  The producers are the ones who grow and harvest the crop.  The consumers are the customers, the ones who smoke or otherwise ingest medical marijuana.  Between them are the doctors who prescribe the product and the stores that sell it.  All of them will be affected by coming changes in the market.

We’ve heard many claims of beneficial effects of marijuana on people who have certain disorders.  These claims will be investigated by medical researchers, using reliable methods.  This new research will support some of the claims and will disprove others.  As well, researchers will identify compounds within marijuana that have beneficial effects.  Of course, some consumers will dispute the research findings and will continue with their now disproven claims.

At this point, the pharmaceutical companies will discover more active ingredients and will put a series of medications on the market that provide the same beneficial effects as medical marijuana.  Doctors will prescribe the pills, rather than writing prescriptions for marijuana itself.  Many consumers will switch to the pills.

The other type is recreational marijuana, used for its intoxicating effects.  The whole market will move towards this type.  Sales will be regulated by governments, just like they do for alcoholic drinks now.  Governments similarly will tax recreational marijuana.  Governments will do what they can to prevent the import of untaxed and unregulated marijuana.

In short, medical marijuana will gradually disappear, replaced by pills and recreational marijuana.  Order will be restored.  Prescriptions will be needed for the pills.  Marijuana will only be available at places that are licenced by the government.  Maybe this will happen.  It’s only a prediction, after all.


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