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A New Refrigerator

January 22, 2017

My refrigerator came with the house.  It was old, at least 40 years old.  It was still working, but the plastic parts had become brittle.  Some of them had broken.  More were likely to break if I tried to clean the fridge, or do any repairs on it.  The time had come to replace it.  I did like the refrigerator.  It had a pale yellow colour that matched the rest of my kitchen appliances.  I knew where everything was in that fridge.  Still, it was time to replace it.  Some would say that its time had come and gone.

I wanted a simple refrigerator to replace it, one with a top freezer, but no fancy features.  I also wanted one that would fit in the space where the old one had been.  That space had a height limitation: the old fridge came within a few millimetres of the cabinets just above it.

As I browsed through the listing of refrigerators on the web, I soon learned a few things about new ones that I hadn’t expected.  They were all specified in American units: feet, inches, and cubic feet.  There were only two finishes available: white and stainless steel.  I decided on white.  Many of the fridges were too tall for my kitchen.  Even with the height listed for each of them, I didn’t trust it entirely.  I wanted to get one that I was sure would fit.  The new ones all had a different shape from my old fridge.  They were narrower and deeper than the old one.  That wasn’t a problem, but it would stick out farther from the wall than I wanted.  Finally, I decided on one model, and ordered it on the web.  They allowed me to choose a delivery date, and as that day approached the delivery company called me and told me it would be in the afternoon.  They would also take away my old fridge at the same time.

I removed the frozen food from the old fridge the night before, packing it into a cooler that I put outside.  It would stay frozen out there.  The next morning, I removed all of the chilled food, packing it into another cooler.  This one I kept in a cool spot inside the house.  Then, I unplugged the old fridge and left it to warm up with the doors open.  My new fridge arrived just about the time they told me it would.  I expected the two men to install the fridge too, but they didn’t do that.  I suppose they would have reversed the door, but that wasn’t necessary for my kitchen.  Instead, they told me not to remove the tape or any of the packing material until the fridge had warmed up to room temperature.  They told me that removing the tape while it was still cold would leave a residue that was difficult to remove.  I really wanted to get it running so I could load all my food back into it.  I really wanted to see if the owner’s manual was inside.  Besides, it would warm up more quickly with the doors open.  Instead of peeling off the tape, I cut it so that I could open the doors.  Inside, there was tape all over the place, along with cardboard and pieces of foam plastic.  The manual was hanging there too.  One more cut, and I removed it.  I always like to read the manual before I do anything else.  Once the fridge felt warm all over, I removed all the tape and all of the packing material.  I plugged it in.  Soon it started getting cold inside.  I have a nice thermometer that’s made for refrigerators or freezers.  With that, I could tell when it was ready for my food.

I have a new fridge.  It gleams all over.  It’s white, and doesn’t match the rest of my appliances.  It certainly fits the space where the old one sat, although it sticks out more and is not as wide.  It’s also shorter, with at least 10 cm of space between it and the cabinets above.  Maybe I should have gotten a larger fridge.  The freezer compartment is larger.  With all my frozen food inside, it still looks empty.  The main compartment does have adquate capacity for all of my chilled food.  The only problem was that I couldn’t arrange it the same way as before.  Perhaps I’ll get used to that.  Perhaps I’ll even like the new fridge.

There are certainly some things I do like about my new refrigerator.  It certainly keeps my food cool.  I know where things are now.  I like the transparent shelves; I can see what’s on lower shelves quite easily.  I also like the wider door shelves;  I use them more than I did with my old fridge.  I suppose I’ve become used to the new fridge now.  It’s just a refrigerator, after all.


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