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A Glimpse of TV

January 8, 2017

I usually don’t watch television, mostly because I hate commercials.  All of the television channels have them, so I can’t escape them.  At Christmas, though, I visited my parents in their senior’s home.  They do watch TV, something that most people likely do.  I watched it too, and rediscovered why I don’t like it.  My mother went through the cable channels, selecting programs that seemed interesting to her.

I watched many TV commercials, fortunately only for a few days.  Many of them promoted diet plans, certainly a money-making enterprise.  People who believe they are overweight will try many different diet plans.  They all work at first, and all fail in the longer term.  The only winner is the diet plan company.  I found most of the commercials to be intrusive, especially after I’d seen them again and again.  This repetition is intentional, of course.

Other commercials were funny at first, then amusing, and eventually just annoying.  I was skeptical of others, like they were trying to sell me something I didn’t need by telling me half-truths.  Many were simply annoying.  No doubt people resist these commercials by muting the sound or just not paying attention to them.  I suppose, though, that some people buy products that have been heavily advertized.  That is what the advertizers want.

Most of the programs on TV seem to be of two types, humorous or action shows.  I don’t like either one.  I do like a good drama, but not of the soap opera kind.  There were lots of old movies on at Christmas time.  I watched two Santa Claus movies.  Both of them had similar plots, although they had different characters and different settings.  I might have enjoyed them more if they hadn’t been interrupted by commercials so often.  I found it difficult to maintain continuity with all the commercials.

I’m more convinced than ever that I’ve made a good decision to avoid watching television.  I do watch movies on Netflix.  I do read books.  The difference is that I can choose what to watch or what to read, and I can choose when to do it.  The other difference, of course, is that I’m not at the mercy of commercials.  Will advertizers read this blog?  Will they find a way to reach me even if I don’t watch TV?  I suppose this will happen some time.


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