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Christmas Dilemma

December 4, 2016

What Christmas gifts can I get this year?  I can’t think of anything, except for the same things I got last time.  My habit is to visit my parents at Christmas.  They live in a small city about two hours drive away from here, in a senior’s home.  Both of them are in their late 90’s now.  I’ll be staying in the spare bedroom in their suite.  A few other relatives will be joining us.  None of us are particularly religious, but we do have a few Christmas traditions that we want to maintain.  We all have dinner together on Christmas day.  We exchange gifts on Christmas morning.

What Christmas gifts can I get for these people?  All of us are my age or older.  We’ve settled on small things as Christmas gifts.  None of us want gifts that we have to keep.  This policy seems to grow stronger as people get older.  My parents celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary recently.  They received many letters and certificates of congratulations from leaders, including one from the Queen.  My mother complained afterwards that here were more things they had to keep.  She declared that she would keep them for a year, solving that problem.

They only want gifts that are consumable now.  So do I.  I have too much stuff too.  Books would be good.  Both my parents are readers.  They can give them away when they’ve read the books.  As long as the print is large enough, they will accept them.  Of course, they have too many books already.  How about food instead?  That’s certainly consumable.  I could get jars of jam, boxes of chocolates, or chocolate bars.  Isn’t all of that full of sugar?  I suppose, but it’s also delicious.  They can decide how much of it to eat at a time.  I ration it out, with lots of exercise in between.  Other people can do that too.

Maybe I can get them useful items, at least things that I believe will be useful to them?  I’ve tried that before.  They don’t seem to agree with me.  Most of these things get set aside, and eventually thrown out.  Everybody in my family has everything that they could possibly need.  I’m going to give up on that idea.  Maybe I’ll keep trying, but mostly I’ll give up the idea.

Now I’m back to what I gave as gifts last year.  That actually worked out pretty well.  Nobody complained, but we’re all polite now.  Some people even expressed appreciation.  It worked out pretty well.  I’m going to do the same thing again this year!


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