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Republican Agenda

November 20, 2016

To say that speculation about Donald Trump was in the air would be an understatement.  Most of the news articles I’ve seen are about him.  What will Donald Trump do, they all say.  My answer is that he won’t do anything at all by himself.

His supporters learned some time ago that whenever he made an outrageous statement, it was just bluster.  Sure, some people believed it, but most people knew that he couldn’t possibly do that.  All of his statements were outrageous.  The voters were smart enough to recognize that.  Still, they voted for him and the other republicans.  His statements were not policy.  In fact, the president of the United States has little influence over policy.  It’s the party that determines policy.

It was eight years ago, when Obama was elected president, that the republicans devised a strategy.  It was simple.  They would oppose any measure that was initiated by Obama, even if they had previously approved of it.  Having the majority in the senate and in congress, they could do it easily.  This strategy ensured that the perception would be that the democrats did nothing but talk for eight years.  Their strategy worked.  This time, the public wanted to vote the democrats out.  Their only alternative was to vote the republicans in.  It’s a two-party system, after all.

Now, the republicans are in control of the senate and the congress.  They have a republican president.  They are one nomination away from having a republican majority on the supreme court.  That’s all three pillars of government in the United States.  They can do anything they want now.

What they want is to put republican policy into action.  This policy is not a secret.  It’s been public knowledge for some time.  Republicans are pro-business and pro-military.  They are anti-government.  They want governments to run a balanced budget.

In more detail, they want to remove any regulations that limit business, including environmental protection, consumer protection, and worker protection.  They also want to expand the US military by expanding their budget.  In accord with their belief that private business is always better than government business, they want to privatize all government services that are possible to privatize.  In line with this policy, they want to shrink government departments and agencies.  Of course, they won’t do all of these things immediately.  It will be a slow and gradual change.

To achieve a balanced budget, now that they are in power, the republicans will be reducing government spending and raising taxes.  The phrases“belt tightening” and “austerity” will soon be heard.

It’s going to be good times for investors.  It’ll be bleak times for ordinary people, though, and bleak times for the environment.  With deregulation again, we may even see a repeat of the 2008 recession.  “Interesting times” it will be, at least for Americans.  The rest of the world will be watching with great interest.


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