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75th Anniversary

August 7, 2016

Last weekend, my parents celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary.  They were married in July of 1941.  Now they are in their late 90’s and still going strong.  75 years married is quite an event.  They had an interview with a reporter from the local paper.  Their picture, along with an article about them, appeared on the front page of that paper.  I didn’t expect that.

They had a flood of certificates and letters from heads of state and politicions.  One even came from the queen.  I was impressed by that.  As well, they were from the prime minister, the governer general, the premier, the lieutenant governer, the MP, and the MLA.  My cousin arranged for this flood, and put a notice in the paper about their anniversary.

There was also a reception last Saturday at my parent’s senior’s home, also organized by my cousin.  I was the photographer.  We offered coffee and tea, and two kinds of cake, along with happy conversation.  The people present were mostly residents of the senior’s home, but there were also former neighbors of my parents, and lots of relatives.

In fact, the entire family was there, something that nobody expected.  I suspect that my parents were overwhelmed with the number of people that showed up to wish them well.  Their three sons were there.  I’m one of them.  Their niece was there, along with her husband.  As well, there was a daughter in law, a grandson and granddaughter, a grandson in law, and a great grandson and great granddaughter.  That’s all of my parent’s family.

Afterwards, my parents were quite tired.  Both of them went to bed early that evening.  They were back to normal the next morning, though.  My mother said they didn’t want to do that again.  Still, 75 years together is a special occasion, one that we all wanted to celebrate.  Their next one won’t have a reception, but it will still be special to their family.


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