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House Water Filter

November 15, 2015

I first saw the house I’m living in now during a showing by my real estate agent.  I noticed a water filter in the basement, connected to a cold water pipe, and to a faucet upstairs in the kitchen.  Since it was attached to the house, I expected it to be there when I bought the house.  How wrong I was!

I was surprised to find it missing when I took possession.  I could see where it used to be.  I wasn’t concerned enough to enquire, though.  It might have been interesting to try the filter, but I prefer to drink tap water anyway.

As I explored my new house, I found a number of things that belonged to the previous owner.  He hadn’t left a forwarding address or phone number, but I collected them all together, and asked my real estate agent to notify him.  A few days later, he show up to take those things.  He also asked for a snow shovel that he had forgotten.  The garage was full of things that he’d left behind.  I told him to take anything that he wanted.  We had a friendly visit.

As he was backing his car down the driveway to leave, he stopped and drove forward again.  He rolled down the window and said “I’m sorry that I removed the water filter”.  He added “If you ever want it, you can have it for one hundred dollars”.  I was amazed to hear that.  I suppressed a smile, and said simply “No thanks, I don’t need it”.  I never heard from him again.


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