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What I Eat

May 31, 2015

I gather from what I’ve read recently that eating a balanced breakfast is essential for your health.  What’s so special about breakfast?  I suppose it’s always the first meal you eat in the day, but perhaps it’s really the fast part that’s important.  I’ve gone without eating a meal for about thirteen hours by the time I have breakfast.  The gap between my other meals is only about six hours.  One scientific study showed that eating a high-protein breakfast is beneficial to your health.  I’ve added some protein to my breakfast since I heard about that idea.  I’ve always eaten breakfast, but I know that many people skip this meal.  Doing this is controversial, but the consensus seems to be that skipping breakfast is detrimental to your health.

The “breakfast like a king” principle seems to be a good one.  The concept is that you make breakfast your largest meal, and make supper your smallest, with lunch somewhere in between.  It does appeal to me.  I haven’t gone all the way, but I have expanded my breakfast and reduced my supper.  I haven’t seen any scientific studies of this principle, but lots of people seem to advocate it.

I should mention that I’m not trying to lose weight by these changes to my diet.  In fact, some people would say I’m too thin.  Many people tell me that I’m fortunate that I don’t have to spend my life dieting.  I’m really just trying to maintain my health.  I am feeling pretty good, but I do recognize that feeling good is not a good indicator of the state of my health.  I wonder what is?

I do all my food shopping at a large grocery store.  I buy ordinary food.  I don’t buy diet food.  I generally bypass the organic food aisle.  I do read the ingredient label and the nutrition label on food products, but I only use them for information, not to decide what to buy.

My breakfast is generally two slices of toast with butter and jam, along with a protein item, either an egg or bacon or sausage, but sometimes a pickerel fillets or salmon burger.  I drink two cups of tea and a cup of coffee with my breakfast.

For lunch, I generally have a bowl of soup along with a meat and lettuce sandwich.  My dessert is a couple of cookies along with my tea and coffee.

I start supper with another bowl of soup.  This time I have a salad, made with both fruit and vegetables.  I have the same dessert as before, again with tea and coffee.

This is an adequate amount of food for me.  I do find that when I eat at restaurants, they serve me too much food.  I try to order the smallest thing on the menu, but sometimes even this is too big.  I don’t like feeling full.  I do like eating, though.  I suppose that’s a good thing.  Perhaps it’s even normal.


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