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The Good Wife

April 26, 2015

I’ve now watched over 100 episodes of The Good Wife, thanks to Netflix.  When I have the time, I watch two episodes a day.  The show quickly became about much more than the law, but I continued to watch it.

I did notice a few things about the show that never changed.  The women were tall and slim, with very high heels.  I’m sure that’s not typical of law offices.  People wore clothes in bed, usually underwear, even in the sex scenes.  Is that how adult content is done now?  Adult children were always shorter than their parents.  They’re not going grow any more.  I suppose that’s so we can tell that they are children.  The law firm seemed to have hordes of lawyers, but only one investigator.  Incredible as it may seem, this investigator always found evidence that the police had overlooked.  They used the ticking time bomb metaphor to make the story more dramatic, although it was always a legal time limit that they had to meet.  It is dramatic, but I’m sure that most trials are quite boring.  In every criminal case, the police and the prosecution were in the wrong.  I’m sure that’s not the way it is either: often the police are right, and the accused person is guilty.

In spite of these unrealistic elements, I enjoyed the show and continued to watch it.  The acting was uniformly excellent.  I had to keep reminding myself that these were not real people, but just actors playing their parts.  The stories were full of surprises, and never predictable.  They often involved issues that were currently in the news.  The main characters were all multi-faceted.  They revealed different aspects of their personalities gradually.  Conflicts between characters happened in every episode.  Even though they had a veneer of honesty and respectability, characters often felt forced into unethical or even illegal acts.  Often something like that, that they’ve hidden, will be exposed in a future episode.  I always look forward to seeing what happens next.


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