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A New Honda

April 12, 2015

About twelve days ago, I got a new car.  It was a 2015 Accord coupe.  I traded in my 2010 Accord.  A great deal had changed in five years.  The new car came with a thick manual, with a second smaller manual for the electronics.  I didn’t read every page of them, but I did read parts of them whenever I was not sure about how something worked.  I know that most people don’t bother reading manuals, but I always do.

I didn’t really need a new car.  My old one was working nicely.  I did like the new styling and new electronics, though.  I also liked the new colour choices, even though they were only black, white, and red.  I wanted a red one.  My dealer doesn’t order cars in that colour, only black, white, and silver.  In fact, there were none of them in the city.  The nearest one was in a different province, but that was what I wanted.  It was my red convertable, even though it wasn’t a convertable.

Many features of the new car were the same as my old one.  The pedals and the shift lever felt natural to me.  So did the light stalk on the left and the windshield stalk on the right.  The audio volume control and the cruse control on the steering wheel were the same too.  So were the window controls and the sunroof controls.  I was able to drive the car with very little to re-learn.  I got the same engine, too.  Honda has an excellent four-cylinder engine, probably the best in the industry.  It’s powerful and economical at the same time.  What more could you want.

Some features were completely different.  To unlock the car, with the key fob in my pocket, I only had to grasp the door handle.  To start the engine, I only had to step on the brake pedal, and press the big red button on the dash.  My new car had a backup camera and a power seat.  It had two display screens.  The lower one was touch-sensitive.  I only had to press the screen to change radio stations.  The CD player only held a single CD, unlike the one in my old car that was a changer.  However, my new one would play audio files from any USB device.  That’s a good trade-off.  My new one also had a continuously-variable automatic transmission.  It seemed to work just as well as before.

I liked the way that many features of the new car seemed familiar to me.  I liked the keyless entry almost immediately.  I learned to use it quickly, although I sometimes forget to leave my keys in my pocket.  I also liked the engine start button.  Still, I have to think about it for a fraction of a second before I press it.  I’m sure that will soon become an automatic action.  I’m also sure that, as I begin to use more features of the new car, I’ll grow to like them too.

I’ve been disappointed by the backup camera.  It does show me an image of what’s behind the car.  I suppose it would warn me that a child on a tricycle was behind my car.  Ordinarily though, the most prominant thing in the image are shadows on the pavement.  I don’t notice those at all when I look in the side mirrors or rear-view mirror.  Mostly, it’s confusing.  I can’t back up along my driveway by following the image from the backup camera.  It does have three different views, including one from the top.  Maybe I just need more practice with the camera.

All in all, I’m quite happy with the new car.  It’s certainly easy to drive.  It also has great looks, but I suppose that will change as the car gets older.


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