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Music I Like

March 1, 2015

The first type of music that captivated me when I was growing up was folk music.  I listened to it on radio and television.  I bought records by folk musicians.  I went to the local folk festival every year.  That was at the time when folk music was popular.  Soon, however, it was replaced by rock and roll music.  The world had changed.  I went along, but half-heartedly.

Much later, I decided to educate myself in classical music.  I accomplished this by buying collections on CD.  These were often Naxos CDs, generally called “Best of” a particular composer.  I bought ones I thought I might like, and listened to them constantly.  Pretty soon they became familiar to me.  Pretty soon I began to like some of the music.  Like most people, I liked what I knew.  Of course, I thought instead that I knew what I liked.

I started with the simplest classical music, which also turned out to be the oldest.  I soon liked Handel.  Then I gradually moved on to other composers like Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.  I began to like their music too.  After that, I moved on to more recent composers like Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff, and Mahler.  I found I liked some of their music too.  Most recently I tried operatic composers, Verdi and Puccini in particular.  At every stage I discovered what I liked and what I didn’t like.  I’m sure my likes and dislikes will change as I educate myself further.

My favorite is now orchestral music.  I like all the Russian composers.  No doubt this fits with my temperament.  I like listening to classical music on CBC radio 2.  I appreciate the tasteful commentary and anecdotes that accompanies their musical selections.  If I wanted music without that, I’d just listen to a CD instead.

I like some operatic music, particularly from Verdi’s operas.  I do like some others as well, but I can’t appreciate Wagner.  I’ve tried, but it only sounds like men shouting to me.

I still appreciate hearing some folk music, old or new.  I also like some jazz, but only the oldest kind.  I’m sure I got to know jazz by hearing my parent’s music.  I also like some old country music, probably because it’s similar to folk music.  Most of the time, though, I listen to classical music.  My attempt to educate myself was clearly successful.


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