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Advertizing is more Annoying

June 29, 2014

A recent article I read described how advertizing on TV had adapted to techniques that people used to avoid advertizing.  This got me thinking about my own habits and about how advertizing affects me.  I hate advertizing!

Many recent changes have affected the advertizing industry.  Newspapers and magazines, in fact anything printed on paper, are in decline.  Opportunities for advertizing there have disappeared.  At the same time, new media such as web pages, mobile devices, and electronic signs have been growing in popularity.  Opportunities have shifted to these new media.  Of course, radio and television broadcasting is still going strong, although their formats are changing.  Advertizing strategies seem to be keeping up with these changes.

I attempt to avoid advertizing as much as I possibly can.  I don’t watch television at all.  I do watch movies and TV series on Netflix, all without commercials.  I’m quite willing to pay a few dollars a month to avoid advertizing.  I thought I was unusual in my attempts to avoid advertizing.  I thought other people tolerated commercials or even liked them.  Sometimes they even talked about them with delight.  Now I see that everybody shares my hatred of commercials, or at least finds them to be a major annoyance.

The article I mentioned earlier says that many people have purchased PVRs with the express purpose of avoiding commercials.  I didn’t know that, but I did know that PVRs are extremely popular.  It also describes how companies are using product placement to embed advertizing in TV programs so that viewers cannot escape it.  I hadn’t noticed that on Netflix, but I did see that some TV series had product sponsors to ensure that only their products appeared in the episodes.

I do read all of my news on the web.  I have noticed that some advertizing on news web sites have become more obtrusive lately.  They used to be static images, but some of them are now animated.  Some of the images jump around on the screen now.  Clearly they are meant to be eye-catching.  I find them to be distracting and annoying.  My response is to scroll the page as soon as I can to make them disappear.  I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on an advertizing link.  Does anybody do that?

I’m sure we are in for more of the same as companies look for ways to make their advertizing more effective.  I’m sure that I’ll continue doing whatever I can to avoid advertizing.  I know now that I won’t be alone in this activity:  Everybody else will be doing it too.  Some of us will even pay to get content without advertizing.


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