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Electric Clock Collector

September 6, 2013

My father made regular tours of yard sales, looking for bargains.  He liked making an offer on useful merchandise.  Usually his offer was accepted, giving him even more of a bargain.  At one time, he started bringing home electric clocks.  I don’t think he paid over a dollar for them.  These are the clocks that hang on the wall.  They run from a 1.5 Volt battery.  If they didn’t work, he would repair them.  Usually all they needed was a new battery.  If they were beyond repair, he would salvage parts from them.  Eventually he accumulated quite a number of clocks, in many different styles.  Some were attractive, but some were quite garish.  He was pleased to show them to anybody who asked.

The building where I worked for many years had clocks mounted high up in each hallway.  They were all controlled by a central clock.  One day, all the clocks stopped.  Usually this was temporary, but this time they were stopped for weeks.  Finally, somebody enquired.  We found out that the central clock needed a part.  Our maintenance department had a person dedicated to keeping clocks running all over campus.  We were sure he’d soon get our clocks running again.

Months went by.  The clocks were still stopped.  I decided I had to do something myself.  I knew just where to get a clock.  I asked my father for one of his.  He gave me a nice Mickey Mouse model.  Just the thing!  When nobody was looking, I hung it over one face of our hall clock.  I stood on a chair to do that.  It was perfect.  Lots of people noticed it.  Lots of them commented on it.  It kept us entertained for a month.

Then one morning, I noticed that Mickey was gone.  The hall clock was moving again.  What happened?  People soon told me that the service man had been around.  He didn’t know who Mickey belonged to, so he left it in our office.  Finally I had to admit it was mine.  I retreived it, still ticking, and returned it to my father.  Job well done, I thought.

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