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Help Me Replace My Palm

August 23, 2013

I carry a Palm Tungsten PDA that I bought in 2007.  You can read about it here.  I’d like to replace this device with something more modern, but is there any such thing?  The main feature of the Palm that I use is the calendar, but I rely on this facility.  I also use a shopping list that’s linked to the calendar, along with a few other lists that are independant.   Occasionally, I use it to display photographs from an SD card.  That’s about all I do with it.

I like the Palm because it’s compact enough to carry in a little case attached to my belt.  I also like its extremely long battery life, and the fact that it’s self-contained.  It doesn’t need internet access of any sort to display my calendar.  It’s still good after six years, but it is showing the effects of time.  The touch screen is becoming unreliable.  The buttons too are becoming flakey.  Rendering photographs is quite slow.  It could fail completely at any time.  What can replace it?

My needs are quite modest.  The Palm has a 4-inch diagonal screen, although the display portion is more like three inches diagonal.  I’m looking for something new with about the same screen size, or perhaps slightly larger.  I expect it will be thinner.  It has to be small enough so that I can carry it easily.  I need a good calendar application, along with something that will accomodate my text list and photograph needs.  I don’t need a telephone.  In fact, I don’t want to be reachable 24 hours a day by phone.  Nothing I do is that urgent.  My answering machine at home will take a message if somebody wants to leave me one.  I don’t even need Internet access, although it might be useful to have at times.

One obstacle I see now is that tablets are too large for me to carry conveniently, but the smaller devices are all telephones.  Is there nothing in between?  The other is that features that I need, like the calendar, are never advertized.  Perhaps they are not attractive enough.  Do all modern mobile devices have one?  Are they any good?  Is there anything I can get to replace my Palm?

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