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My Sunday Walk

July 20, 2013

It was Sunday morning.  I was going to a brunch at noon.  I knew I was going to eat too much there.  I needed some exercise.  I wanted to be hungry by the time I got to the brunch.  I wanted to get outside.  We had had a long spell of hot weather, too hot for pleasant walking.  Last night it had rained.  It was still cloudy.  Should I go out now?  I decided to do it.

It was early morning.  The air was cool and fresh, quite pleasant.  There was a gentle breeze, enough to keep the mosquitoes away.  In minutes the clouds dissapated, revealing a bright blue sky.  I drive this same route, along the river, but this was better than driving that fine morning.  Except for cars backing out of driveways, I didn’t have to watch for traffic.  I felt in closer contact with my surroundings.

I was surrounded by green: trees, bushes, and grass, all green with the blue sky overhead.  I walk at a fast pace because I enjoy feeling my muscles working.  It was fast enough that I was breathing heavily at times.  It was so enjoyable that I went a bit further than the last time I did this walk.

I passed a blue jay sitting on a fence, a crow on a roof, and a red squirrel on a driveway.  Flowers were everywhere in people’s yards.  I passed a kid who was juggling on the sidewalk.  People were running, cycling, and walking dogs.  I enjoyed greeting people.  They were equally happy to respond.  It was a glorious morning.  I noticed changes in the neighborhood.  My thoughts were free to wander, and wander they did.  I felt warm and fatigued when I finally saw my house in the distance.  My thoughts focused on the glass of cold lemonade that I knew was waiting for me.  It was a glorious walk.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.  I wanted that lemonade now.

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