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Ducks Meet the Cat

May 4, 2013

We had a wet spring that year, with regular rains and ponds of water lying on neighbourhood lawns.  I was eating breakfast in my sun porch when a little drama unfolded in my back yard.  The first thing I noticed was a duck running diagonally across the yard.  I’d never seen a duck in this area before.  The river is several blocks away.  Then I saw five ducklings following the mother duck.  My first thought was “This is dangerous”, followed by “There are cats all over the place”.

Sure enough, a cat appeared in the yard.  In a flash, it charged towards the mother duck.  At the last instant, the duck jumped into the air and flew a short distance away.  The cat kept its eye on the mother duck.  The ducklings scattered.  The duck landed and went into its broken wing act, moving in a circle.  The ducklings kept going towards the far corner of my back yard.  Once again, the cat charged towards the mother duck.  Again the duck jumped into the air at the last instant, but this time it flew over the garage and disappeared.  The cat sat there and watched it go.

Then the cat went after the ducklings.  It ran for the corner of the yard, behind my shed.  I was watching intently, hoping that the ducklings got away.  I saw the cat pounce a couple of times and then it was out of sight too.  I assumed the worst.  When I went out later to inspect the back corner of the yard, I expected to find feathers all over the place.  There were none.  I found no evidence of a tragedy at all.  Maybe the ducklings did get away.  Maybe the mother duck came back later and rounded them up.  I just don’t know.

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