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Two Nails in One Tire

October 26, 2012

I’d been accumulating metal for some time.  I had a pile of iron pipe from when I replaced all of the iron pipe with copper, just after I moved into this house.  More recently, I had been keeping steel chassis and cases from old electronic equipment that I took apart.  I wanted to recycle this metal, rather than just send it to the landfill.  I found a company called Urban Mine in the yellow pages that sounded good.  They wanted all sorts of metals and would even pay for them.

I wanted to try the steel first since I had lots of it.  I loaded all of that steel pipe and sheet steel into the trunk of my car, watching it drop lower as I loaded it.  My car was only about a year old, still shiny and new..  I drove to the site, and asked somebody there what to do next.  Following his directions, I drove up onto the scale and watched the lights on the scale house until they showed me the weight of my car.  Then I drove off the scale, down into the scrap yard.  That’s what it was!  There were piles of rusting metal everywhere with narrow tracks in between.  Tractors, trucks, and cranes were moving all over the place.  I didn’t like being there at all!

One of the men directed me to back along side a flatbed truck that carried an enormous steel tank.  The tank was being lifted by one of the cranes.  I hoped it wouldn’t fall on me or on my car.  They stopped what they were doing while I backed up to a pile of scrap metal.  Two men helped me to unload the steel from my trunk and toss it on the pile.  Then I drove back onto the scale and watched the lights again.  I was happy to be out of that place.

When I parked by the scale house and went inside, the woman there remarked “That’s a pretty nice car to be driving into a scrap yard”.  I certainly agreed with her.  She paid me $18.00 for 200 pounds (the old units) of steel, and gave me a chocolate.  I was feeling pleased with myself when I drove home.

A couple of hours later, I got into my car and discovered a warning light glowing.  It was for low tire pressure.  That light had never come on before.  I knew immediately what had happened.  To confirm it, I checked each tire with my tire gauge: the right rear tire was low.  I drove right to my car dealer before it got any lower.

At the dealer’s, they put the car on the hoist and asked me to wait.  The mechanic reported that he found not one but two nails in that tire.  They repaired the tire and rebalanced the wheel.  The service manager even had good news for me.  The repair was covered by my road hazard warranty, so there was no charge.  Even with that, I’m not going to drive into a scrap yard with my new car again.  It’s not worth $18.00 for that sort of trouble!

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