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What I Enjoy

August 18, 2012

I know that my personality is somewhat negative.  When I watch a play or a movie, I prefer a drama to a comedy.  Once in a while, to avoid too much focus on the negative, I try to examine the positive side of life.  I try to take note of experiences that I have enjoyed.  Here are some that I noticed recently:

  • Dancing with Jennifer: She always seems to be so happy that she makes me happy too.
  • Greeting people on my morning walk:  I like their happy response to my “good morning”.  What do you say in the afternoon?
  • Having a whole day to myself:  It’s a day when I have no obligations.  I’m free to do whatever I want.
  • Strawberry jam on toast in the morning:  It’s tangy, sweet, and tasty.
  • Salisbury House nips:  I like the grilled onions.  This is curious because when I was growing up, I refused to eat onions.
  • Dickens stories:  I like reading his stories and watching TV series based on his stories.  It’s true they give me a view of a past world, but I do like the way that Dickens crafts a story.
  • Software development:  I obtain a great deal of satisfaction from this activity.  It’s a way for me to exercise my creativity and to make a contribution to the greater good.
  • Classical music on CBC radio:  I listen to this because I like the music, but an essential part for me is the commentaries and the stories told by musicians.  They bring the music to life.
  • Not being rushed:  This is a big one for me.  It means that I have plenty of time to relax before the event, and that I can arrive on time.  Generally I arrive early so I can relax again before going in.

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